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The Beauty Concept

Beautiful hands and well-groomed fingernails have always been the winning formula for a good first impression - whether in everyday professional or private life. Especially when you have frequent customer contact, your hands are the first to come into contact with the other person and are therefore also considered your personal business card. Therefore, do not leave the care of your hands and their appearance to chance, but rather to our nail and beauty experts.

In addition to nail design, we offer applications such as eyelash extensions , sugaring and pedicures in our cosmetic studio .

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Our studios ~ on your way

Kosmetikstudio in Essen

Subway passage at Essen main station

between Rossmann and the Kettwiger Straße exit

Willy Brandt Place 16
45127 Essen

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Nagelstudio Essen

Duisburg main station

in the Duisburg main station entrance hall

Portsmouthplatz 1
47051 Duisburg

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Nagelstudio in Essen

Underpass at Essen main station

Bus stop next to the pharmacy

Am Hauptbahnhof 5
45127 Essen

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We look forward to seeing you.

We look forward to welcoming you personally to our studios in Essen at Willy Brandt Platz 16 or Am Hauptbahnhof 5 and in Duisburg at Portsmouthplatz 1. We are of course also available to answer your questions and make appointments by phone.

The Miss Saigon team